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    Alarming Video From Mexico Gives Scale for “Third Wave” of Central American Migrants…

    November 5, 2018 by sundance

    With the possibility of the Central American migration having an impact on the midterm election, it doesn’t come as a surprise the mainstream media are not attempting to accurately give a scale or scope of the size of the crowds. Estimates from U.S. media have repeated a “few thousand”, up to “seven thousand.” However, Mexican media initially put the numbers much higher, upward of fourteen thousand in the first wave.

    Since that October 22nd report, there have been two more waves, or ‘caravans‘ reported, entering Mexico’s southern border region. With the U.S. media now trying to downplay the scale, some independent researchers have been scouring social media from Mexico in order to gain a more accurate estimate. Rosie [almostjingo – twitter] discovered a series of videos on Instagram posted by a Mexican advocacy group helping to facilitate the transit.
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