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Attack On Humanity Explained by Dr Edward Spencer! (MD)
« on: September 18, 2018, 03:23:13 AM »

Plymouth Fury
Published on Sep 16, 2018


We have to start talking to one another honestly, straight forwardly, candidly . . .

Autism one in 8,000

They can access our brains over the horizon by technology . . .

Too many people don't or can't or refuse to conceive that there is anything outside conventional 'reality.' Such people are passing poison (solid wall of ignoring information) to everyone around them.

Worked on it since 1996 about why the world is such a mess

Cites several facts/concerns that are part of the attack on humanity

1. weather warfare
2. fires burning up California
3. drought
4. vaccinations--weaponized
5. withholding of advanced medical care
6. fluoride in the water
7. wars

. . .  Rothschilds

12,900 years ago a comet hit Canadian 2 miles thick ice sheet . . . caused a huge flood over USA area ... scab lands of Eastern Washington State etc.

--human appearing giants--Lincoln talked about them Why are they hidden and how are they hidden ... 100,000 burial mounds . . .

Organized deception, murder & theft

--ice age civilization's rulers trying to regain control of the entire earth

--The issue is the survival of the human species. Everything has been done to keep this from happening . . . Georgia Guide Stones . . . no greater than 500 million global population

--a protection for the earth from being hit by things larger than a mile in diameter. The crypto-terrestrials have always been here--they can protect the planet from large asteroids.


Ponarology Andrew Lovitzajeski sp???

--We're controlled by psychopaths. Lists the Presidents as all being such--and they are controlled by somebody, something.

--These beings are still around and they work through psychopaths.

--The ice-age civilization is something the establishment doesn't want to talk about. They mapped the whole earth--including the coast of Antarctica . . . but now there's a mile of ice over it . . . can't see it as it really is except for radar etc.

All the Mucky-Mucks all going down to Antarctica . . . a large base there . . .

--Antarctica looms large--hidden by a lot of disinformation and BS.

--Have heard the word by Akenatten . . .

160,000 years . . . a calendar . . .  an array of stones . . . Orien's belt


I'm sure they went after our women.

Could be.

We are dealing with psychopathic humans and a mind that is not human that regards us as animals.

I get very nervous about this--Temple Grandin designed the cattle chute so the cattle don't get so upset . . .

She said she felt a lot more at home around so many on the autistic spectrum in silicon valley.

Slightly warped brains seem to be in demand by our owners ... autistic people can make perfect human robots because they lack reciprocal emotions, . . .

Being treated like animals is not loving.

{Interesting that he's so deceived about the authenticity and flawlessness of The Bible.}

"It's just how we treat each other--that's the key--how we talk to each other and help each other. We have to rebuild civilization. Our languages have been so distorted--not precise.

David Win Miller with Quantum Syntax.

Things are written with a third of the words missing. He's studied 5,000 languages and they are all that way. This began 8,500 years ago . . . about when civilization was knocked down . . .

. . .

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