Author Topic: White House could stage ‘public hearings into ALIENS' exposing TRUTH behind UFO project  (Read 1007 times)

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White House could stage ‘public hearings into ALIENS' exposing TRUTH behind UFO project

GROUNDBREAKING public hearings debating UFOs and aliens could soon be staged by the White House, it’s claimed.

By Paul Harper

17.09, 15 Sep 2018 UPDATED 01.09, 16 Sep 2018

The influential US Armed Services Committee has been investigating the money spent on a top-secret X-Files type Pentagon project.

Seen as one of the most powerful committees in Washington, the group oversees military spending and legislation.

Top political members asked how much taxpayers’ cash was spent on the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) which investigated flying saucer reports for four years from 2008.

Officials working alongside scientists from Bigelow Aerospace have examined videos of UFOs and reportedly studied debris from crashed objects.

. . . .

Video of one AATIP case study showed US pilots in the Pacific in 2004 watching an object appear suddenly at 80,000ft before hurtling towards the sea and stopping at 20,000ft.

Luis Elizondo, who ran the Pentagon project, said researchers concluded some of the UFOs are using time-travel jumps to achieve such speeds and dramatic movements.

Nick Pope, who probed the UFO phenomenon for the Ministry of Defence, believes the investigation by the US armed service committee could lead to a major public hearing which would be a “political bombshell”.

Mr Pope said: “I think the powerful House Armed Services Committee was as fascinated and mystified by the revelations about the Pentagon's UFO project as everyone else.

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