Author Topic: Dianne Feinstein refers mystery matter involving Brett Kavanaugh to 'federal investigative authoriti  (Read 2083 times)

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DiFi wasn't bad looking in her youth.

@Cyber Liberty

Yeah,but she was still Di-Fi with that charming personality. There are SOME things a man won't do unless he is drunk,and he is drunk enough to do Di-Fi he is too drunk to do her.
Schlapp repeatedly pressed Cuomo to “name the crime” that would be listed on the articles of impeachment for President Donald Trump. “There’s no need for a crime,” Cuomo responded.

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How do you know? Are you and Di-Fi besties?

Pete, that response is beneath you.  Doesn't even make sense.
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More to this story,332158.msg1793578/topicseen.html#msg1793578
BREAKING NEWS: Trump's Supreme Court nominee hit with bombshell claim of drunken sex attack when he was 17 as woman says he held her down, covered her mouth and tried to force himself on her
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