Author Topic: 5 military bases and 1.5 million people evacuate Hurricane Florence’s path  (Read 89 times)

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 5 military bases and 1.5 million people evacuate Hurricane Florence’s path
September 11, 2018 Laura Widener

As Hurricane Florence aims for the southeastern U.S. and threatens to intensify, mass evacuation orders have been issued in multiple states along the coast.

Mandatory evacuation orders have been given in the Carolinas, Virginia, and Maryland, forcing 1.5 million residents to flee the incoming storm, Fox News reported Tuesday.

Five military bases have also been evacuated, forcing tens of thousands of troops and their families to flee the storm’s path, reported.
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Interestingly, Camp Lejeune isn't being ordered to evacuate.  I think that's smart -- it is the largest Marine base in the country, and has primary responsibility for security operations in Europe and the ME.  It will take less time to get units back to deployable status after the hurricane passes if they remain in place, versus evacuating.

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