Author Topic: WH: 500 Illegal Minors Reunited With Their Families  (Read 319 times)

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WH: 500 Illegal Minors Reunited With Their Families
« on: July 01, 2018, 06:09:15 PM »
Just another non-story ignored by the media/Democrat Press Office because the truth again conflicts with their agenda.

Melanie Arter | June 29, 2018 | 5:23 PM EDT


( - The Trump administration has made progress reuniting illegal minors with their parents, reunifying more than 500 children so far, the White House said.

“HHS, DHS, and DOJ are continuing to work through ensuring that remaining children are reunified with their parents,” White House Deputy Press Secretary Lindsay Walters told reporters Thursday on board Air Force One en route to Joint Base Andrews in Camp Springs, Md.

“Again, they need to go through a process to ensure that the children who are going to be reunified are placed back with either the person who is their parent or a sponsor. There is a vetting process that takes place to ensure that the child's well-being is being put first,” she said.
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