Author Topic: A long-duration heat wave is beginning in Washington when it will frequently feel as if it’s 100  (Read 10182 times)

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Only 80?  That's nothing.   I keep mine between 83 and 85 during the day....and hibernate in the master bedroom where the big tv, computer and window AC is.  I do the same in winter, keeping the rest of the house pretty chilly, but use a portable heater.  Otherwise, my electric bills would hover around $250-300/month.

I live in Tampa, where it is in the mid to low 90s most days, and my house has no shade.  I keep my house around 78.  I pay about $60/mon for AC.  I used to pay a LOT more, but then I spent a few hundred dollars adding way too much insulation to my attic.

Also, when I had to replace my AC, I went with a two compressor unit.  One is sized for the house, one is half power.  When it fires up, it starts with the half power unit.  If that can keep the house cool, it continues on half power.  That doesn't really save any money, since it basically has to run twice as long, but the longer it runs the longer it is taking humidity out of the house.
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I saw that looking at the recipe. Also I notice that it seems to be a lot more involved than I thought. I was thinking of a simple mash, but the recipe seems to be making more of a fruitcake wine. Which is fine. It is more than I normally do, but I would like to try it. It looks like the recipe would work for almost any fruit, apples, oranges, ...anything.

As far as peeling, that would depend on how ripe they are. When I said that, I was thinking of harvesting them before they turn completely purple. As a kid, we could never wait that long because the birds or the bugs would get to them first. You certainly don't want anything green from a fig tree in the mash. So, at least cut the stems off.

My oldest son is back to working in the oil fields on a 20/10 schedule. He just went back yestdy. The day before he started a 5 to 6 gal batch of wine with 25lbs of figs I had froze. Time will tell how it comes out. He also started a peach batch and a pineapple batch. The time before when he was home, he started 3 batches; Blackberry/Pinot noir, Cabernet Savignon, and Meadow Maple Mead. I still have 20lbs of frozen figs to make preserves with. I've finished harvesting tangerines. I put up 10 gal of juice. I still have grapefruit to deal with, just not as many. And I have only started shelling pecans. I picked over 300# and gave less than half away. They've been drying, hanging in mesh bars in my garage. Time to do something with them. I want to try making pecan butter.
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