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Today's Toons 12/18/17
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This Thread Brought To You By The Number 0:

In Case You Missed It Dept.:
Los Angeles firefighters continued battling brushfires fueled by desert heat and the Santa Ana winds. After a week, the high temperatures have caused the return of summer bugs and insects. I put a bug zapper on my balcony Thursday and all weekend the flies were dropping like congressmen.
Time named The Silence Breakers as Person of the Year for outing workplace sex misconduct Friday. It's fishy. Have you considered the possibility that the entire sex misconduct movement could be just a diversion created by the Daughters of the Confederacy to protect Confederate statues?
The BBC aired a study showing a steep rise homelessness in the U.S. this year. It's increasing at an alarming rate. We've all watched Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Louie CK, Al Franken, John Conyers, Matt Lauer and Charlie Rose getting thrown out of their homes since October alone.
Lindsay Vonn injured her back during a World Cup race in St Moritz Sunday, jeopardizing her Olympic chances. She'd just ripped Trump for past sexual behavior. As Lindsay lay in the snow writhing in pain, Al Franken suddenly showed up and pretended to grope her breasts for the cameras.
President Trump hosted a ceremony in the East Room of the White House Monday and signed an order directing NASA to resume manned space flights. Trump is going to send Americans back to the moon. And the Americans he's sending are Hillary Clinton, James Comey, and Robert Mueller.
CNN cut away its coverage from the ISIS-inspired failed terrorist attack in Manhattan's Port Authority Terminal Monday for a news report criticizing President Trump for drinking eight Diet Cokes a day. Get this man to rehab. Everybody knows Diet Coke is he gateway drug to Mountain Dew.
Pfizer's patent on Viagra expired after twenty years Monday and now anyone can make it. It's clearly the favorite drug of producers, lawmakers and morning TV talk show hosts. Beverly Hills drug stores just added Gloria Allred's name to the list of possible side effects on each bottle of Viagra.
-- Argus Hamilton

(Thank you, nateman)

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Re: Today's Toons 12/18/17
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Thanks, Pookie!  Happy Penultimate Monday of the Year!
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Re: Today's Toons 12/18/17
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Thanks, Pookie!  Happy Penultimate Monday of the Year!

You're welcome, Polly Ticks!

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