Author Topic: 'Why not Texit?': Texas nationalists look to the Brexit vote for inspiration (from British newspaper)  (Read 18557 times)

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I don't believe Obama is an out and out tyrant. He was legitimately elected, and we still have freedom of speech. He gets regularly spanked by the USSC, and he does obey the letter of the law (certainly not the spirit). This may be conservative heresy but that's my opinion.

If that changes, for example our own version of Marduro, then that changes. When circumstances change so do my opinions.

0bama?  The big 0 is merely the latest in a long string of federal overreaches.

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Your comment on one's eye-glazing over is a reality when you make a blatant lie like that.

Show me where I mentioned plantations or slavery prior to you.  I only mentioned it as a direct response to your mentioning.  Trying to rewrite history?

And the condescending behavior is not very helpful to let anyone really be persuaded by your remarks.

My eye-glazing comment was an attempt at ending a conversation with a little humor.  You first mentioned forced slavery in conjunction with keeping states within the Union.  And when I said let's hope this attempt at secession offers more freedom than the last, the plantation comparison was made, and then you said we are still slaves to the federal government.  My point is those are absurd comparisons and intelligent people should reject such rhetoric.  That may be condescending, though if so, done unintentionally.  Nor do I make any remarks to persuade, merely to offer another viewpoint on a topic.  I doubt I've ever persuaded anyone on the internet to change an opinion.  With the exception of the discussion on today's version of slavery here, I've enjoyed the back and forth, not only on this, but the other Texit thread.  I find the whole topic interesting.  Have a good day.
It's the Supreme Court nominations!

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If anything, what needs to be dusted off and re-implemented is the US Constitution, without the misinterpretation of the Commerce Clause and the 16th and 17th Amendments, for starters.

Extra-Constitutional functions should return to the States or be ceased.

That is the problem, that the original intent of the Constitution viewed as a contract has been breached by the Federal Government, which now legislates from all three branches, taxes and regulates far beyond the scope it was ever intended to, and yet fails in its primary function of providing for the common defense by maintaining a porous southern border and importing 'refugees' who may well harbor malicious intent without fully investigating them.

I'll add my support for your words that succinctly and accurately describe the problem that has created this topic.
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Exactly.  It's really easy to imagine the worst possible outcome and automatically assume that that's what will happen.  All the nay-sayers are essentially giving up without trying.

Yes, and none of them would have had the guts to be a Revolutionary as these reasons they give, whether legal, political or financial are much different than what Texas faces now.
“no punishment, in my opinion, is too great, for the man who can build his greatness upon his country's ruin” ~  George Washington

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