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Welcome, Californians!

I'm not a native Californian, but I've lived here most of my life.

I live in Southern California, in Orange County.

The Jackal:
Nice. 3rd generation Californian from San Bernardino County.

Native born. Lived in the OC since age six.

Great grandparents came to Lost Angeles County, in 1928 as "investor-business class" folks from Minnesota, and 1928 stock market crash made them blue collar.

Father came in 1944 from Wyoming, to serve in the USMC. Parents met at a USO dance in Oceanside, California.

I grew up partly, in No. OC like Nixon. As a kid, the VP of the country was from my area. In 1966 my family moved to San Clemente, and two years later Nixon followed us, again.

Couldn't get away from Republican politics from childhood days. Oh, and the fact that the OC has long been a stronghold of conservatism. A lot of wealthy GOP donors. Lincoln Club, New Majority, etc.

Sorry for the infrequent posts. I'm traveling right now and have only my tablet, so posting is awkward, at least for me.

I should be home Friday.  ^-^

Moved here courtesy of USAF...retired in 2003 and landed a job in aerospace here.

Originally from the Canal Zone, not Arizona, just to clarify my screen name.

Live, work and play in the Antelope Valley.



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