Author Topic: BREAKING>>>>Supreme court declares same-sex marriage a right in 5-4 vote  (Read 11497 times)

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You want to talk about loads of crap?

You talk about the traditional, historical and biblical roots of marriage until it's no longer convenient to do so, then you shift to marriage on this country, as if the history of marriage confined itself to this country.
I've never done any of what you've stated. Furthermore, all I care about is what's happened and what is going on in this country. If you want to include Scottish law Mr. Hatch and lead us off on all sorts of rabbit trails distracting from the issue, that's your problem.
There were no "no fault" divorces (what I referred to in my post) in this country until 1969.
Who cares? There will still divorces, and more importantly marriage licenses. Non sequitor.
"Your" Church may decide to conduct same-sex marriages, the Episcopalian Church has already decided they will, if that happens, you'll have to either deal with it, or find another Church.
Quit shifting the argument. I've already said anyone can marry anyone else anywhere anytime, that doesn't mean the govt will or should recognize it.
You can speak out against anything that you want to. Your problem, as I see it, is that you don't want anyone who disagrees with you to have the reciprocal right, when they do exercise that right.
I've never said that, but the homofascist gaystapo has made it clear that NO ONE has the right to refuse whatever they want, and whenever they want, and don't you dare complain. They have already used the govt and every other tool they have to destroy anyone that even says they disagree with them.
You don't have to agree with, accept or engage in any activity that you don't want to, but you want to disallow people from engaging in activities that do not fit your morals, so who is forcing morality on whom?
Which is a bald face lie on your part. You are already of the position here that anyone conducting business or a church wishing to have tax-exempt status must comply with gay demands. If they gays would be happy with a civil union for spousal bennies, I could compromise on that. They are not happy with that.
We continue to refuse certain types of marriage in this country for various reasons. Under your 14th Supremacist view those are unequal treatment.

Laws forbidding religious plural marriages are a direct violation of the First Amendment and as such, they are unconstitutional.

In a church yes, but there's no valid reason for the govt to recognize them, incest marriages, or pedophile marriages. Unless you want to apply Mr. Hatch's Scottish law principle bring in the culture of Muslim countries into the discussion. The govt and society has an interest in not recognizing every marriage out there, not matter how much the 14th Supremacists want to believe it. There will always be some inqeuality in society, and the 14th wasn't meant to create a national system of forced morality in the name of 'equality'.
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