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« Reply #1 on: July 23, 2014, 06:40:56 PM »
That last statement from Gowdy was a zinger:  Gowdy states that the IG does not have power to do criminal investigations, that they can only refer to another organization; Koskinen says no, the IG does have criminal power; Gowdy reiterates that they do not; Koskinen says that he's been told that IG does; Gowdy finishes up by saying that IG does not and that Koskinen should make sure he's not getting this advice from the same people who confirmed to him that the backup tapes had been destroyed (which now is apparently not true).

To be fair to Koskinen, I can see the point of an agency not running a separate investigation during an on-going IG investigation; however, Gowdy's point seemed to be that just as an agency wouldn't continue to overlook discrimination taking place because the IG was investigating - the agency would move to stop the discriminatory conduct, such as by putting the alleged discriminator on administrative leave - the IRS should be tracking down the drives and the tapes and figuring out where they went to - that doesn't require investigation so much as fact-finding, which is different.

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I  just love Trey!!!

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