Author Topic: Tea Party warrior Justin Amash becomes high-profile target in GOP civil war  (Read 408 times)

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He won by a sizeable amount in both elections. He also has never missed a vote, which shows his sincerity. The oldsters like the status quo, and don't want some whippersnapper interfere or join their social club. They were satisfied doing just enough to get by, and get re-elected. People like Amash force them to work for their jobs, and they don't like it.


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That all points to the likelihood that Justin Amash won't be leaving Congress anytime soon.

Not necessarily.  Enough artillery thrown in his direction by the GOP leadership could result in either a splinter right of center third party candidate who splits the GOP vote enough to give the win to his democrat party opponent, or else an exhausted candidate who has become undesirable in the eyes of a significant minority of his current supporters, to the point that they choose not to vote at all, in which case the win also gets handed to his democrat party opponent.

It might not be a very good idea to start going after republicans who have strong support in their districts.  It'd be much better to identify the weaker republicans who have little, or wavering, support in their districts, figure out why they're weak, and then move to replace them.  Success comes to those who cull the herd of the weakest, not to those who fruitlessly exhaust their energy going after the strongest.

And for those who have a distinct, and well-publicized, dislike (to put it mildly) for the more conservative and/or tea party-type republicans, I would throw their own argument for supporting milque toast moderate republicans:  when push comes to shove, having his warm body in that seat gets the GOP one seat closer to the majority needed to control the House, and his vote is a republican vote, not a democrat party vote.  What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.
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