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BOMBSHELL: Atty Says IRS Letters Prove Obama Admin Not Being Truthful
Jay Sekulow announces lawsuit from 25 conservative groups against IRS, reveals explosive letters from the IRS.

 // MAY 29 2013 // 10:08AM

We're learning more and more about the scandal involving the IRS's targeting of conservative groups for extra scrutiny of their applications for tax-exempt status. A lawsuit has been filed against the IRS by 25 conservative groups, claiming the organization abused its power. At first, the Obama administration sought to pin the blame on low-level officials in the Cincinnati IRS office, and last week White House spokesman Jay Carney said the targeting ended last year.

Documents filed as part of the lawsuit and obtained by Fox News show letters to Tea Party groups from the IRS offices in several locations, not just Cincinnati. Another letter from the IRS was dated as recently as May 6, and many bear the signature stamp of Lois Lerner.

Lerner, who oversaw tax exempt organizations, rankled Republicans last week by taking the Fifth at a House hearing after she made a statement to deny wrongdoing. Lerner is now on paid administrative leave.

The American Center for Law and Justice is representing 25 conservative groups in the lawsuit. The head of the organization, Jay Sekulow, spoke with Martha MacCallum this morning. Sekulow has been hounding the IRS for years about its targeting of conservative groups.

He showed Martha a letter from a tax lawyer at the main IRS office in Washington, D.C. to one of his clients. Sekulow says the Obama administration's claims about low-level employees being responsible and the targeting ending in 2012 are simply not true.

"I don't know what the White House is thinking, but we've got the documents because we've been in dialogue with the IRS for a year and a half," said Sekulow, who added that all of the information he has amassed "completely blows the narrative for the White House."

In yet another letter, Sekulow says that an IRS lawyer in Washington, D.C., wrote to a conservative group to tell them that a decision on their tax-exempt status was on hold because it had to be reviewed by more senior-level IRS officials.

"The letters speak for themselves," Sekulow said.

Watch the full interview as Sekulow lays out just how much he has learned that contradicts the Obama administration's claims about this scandal.

video at link
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