Author Topic: Krauthammer Says the Obama/Clinton 10:00 PM Phone Call May Be 'The Biggest Scandal Of All'  (Read 850 times)

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And why did they think they could get away with it? Because as Andrew McCarthy noted at NRO, they had always gotten away with lying in the past. There was no reason for them to think they wouldn't get away with it, again.

With a palace guard media that is willing to do whatever it takes to protect their king, the administration is safe. They will get away with it again. Those in a position to bring this to light, won't do so.

I can't find words to adequately express my hate and contempt for the American media.

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What, me worry?
"Because men have lost the objective basis of certainty of knowledge of the thing in which they are working, more and more I fear we are going to find them manipulating science according to their own sociological or political desires rather than standing upon concrete objectivity." Francis A. Schaeffer

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