Author Topic: Uncle Sam Wants You...Under His Thumb! (Good Summary of Oppressive Scandals)  (Read 595 times)

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It's really difficult to keep track of the many ways that the Obama administration is chipping away at the freedoms and independence that were the foundations of our nation, bequeathed to us as a birthright.

Let's just summarize the more egregious behavior of our Beloved Leader and his Apostles.

Fast and Furious

The administration, under the non-leadership of Attorney General Eric Holder, shipped about 2,000 weapons into Mexico and straight into the hands of the narco-terrorist cartels effectively in a state of armed rebellion against an allied nation.

When asked about this situation, Eric Holder repeatedly said that he knew nothing about it.

Apparently, the government would have us believe that junior bureaucrats, acting on their own, decided to create their very own foreign policy.  This new, extralegal program resulted in the deaths of at least two Americans and at least one hundred times that many Mexican citizens.

It should be recalled that not one of these junior bureaucrats is currently languishing in a jail cell.  It appears that the punishment was simply to be told: "That was naughty.  Don't do it again."...

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