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« on: May 24, 2013, 10:47:17 PM »
I fully recognize what this Forum section is dealing with is some darned serious stuff. But some amusing sidelights have developed which are not only funny but bring a different perspective to the Obama scandals, one being the Twitter site named above. Some entries:

Sarah Palin ?@SarahPalinUSA  8h 
All Quiet on the West Wing Front

Rep. Steve Stockman ?@ReElectStockman  1h 
Sixteen Scandals

Shaughn ?@Shaughn_A  1h 
All the Presidents Trends

Gunny Highway ?@ReconChesty  2h 
Obama and "Plugs" Biden share a Laugh a minute in
"Dumb and Dumber"

Candice ?@CandiLissa  2h 
Commie Dearest

Fred Wimpy ?@fredwimpy  3h 
President Evil

Jybyrd ?@jybyrd420  4h 
I Know What You Did Last Summer (because I read all your emails and listened to all your phone calls)

The Looking Spoon ?@TheLookingSpoon  4h 
The Lyin' King

Ok, there are more but I will stop there and turn over the subject to someone who is more conversant with Twitter than am I. The link where I got these is
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Re: #ObamaScandalMovies
« Reply #1 on: May 24, 2013, 11:27:22 PM »
I've been having some fun with that category.  If anyone has a personal Twitter account, Favorite or Retweet some of GOPBR's tweets to help trend them up and maybe get some media attention if Twitchy or others sees them.

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