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[1] ‘We are in danger of losing our republic,’ Air Force strategy chief says in wake of Capitol attack

[2] Marine Heading Navy’s Expeditionary Warfare Unit Wants to Keep Amphibs Mobile and Enemies Guessing

[3] Secret Pacific Strategy Called for Stronger India to Counter China

[4] The Death of Critical Thinking in the Military? Here’s How to Fix It.

[5] F-35Bs Armed With Gun Pod Continue Supporting Operation Octave Quartz With Armed Aerial Patrols over

[6] The U.S. Army Is Qualifying New Units To Fly The UH-60 With The Controversial M-139 Volcano Mine De

[7] A stunning admission about the F-35 from the outgoing Air Force Acquisition Chief...

[8] Navy’s Littoral Combat Ships Will Be on the Front Lines in the Pacific, SWO Boss Says

[9] The military has a hate group problem. But it doesn't know how bad it's gotten.


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