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[1] Pearl Harbor ceremony marking 79th anniversary of attack closed to public amid virus

[2] Fort Bragg says 2 bodies found in training area

[3] The Army Is Training Specialized Companies Of Green Berets To Crack "Hard Targets"

[4] U.S. Marines conducts a detailed examination of Russian-made anti-tank missiles captured in Syria

[5] IrvinGQ Develops a Parachute Delivery System for Autonomous Ground Vehicles

[6] USMC Receives First ACVs for Service as BAE Systems Designs More Variants

[7] After Hitting Record Retention Numbers, Air Force May Push Some Troops Toward Reserves

[8] Navy, Marines Will Need Recapitalized Sealift, Logistics Capabilities to Succeed in Pacific Operatio

[9] The Marine Corps' First Carrier-Capable F-35 Squadron Is Ready for Combat


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