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[1] New Bill Will Make it Illegal for Citizens to Pump Their Own Gas — To Keep You ‘Safe’

[2] US soldier in Iraq catches burglars at his IL home through doorbell camera app

[3] Justices grant government’s stay request on “public charge” rule for Illinois

[4] Yes, The Rich Are Fleeing Illinois... And They're Taking Billions With Them

[5] Illinois offers financial aid workaround for illegal & trans students who don’t register for draft

[6] Illinois Secretary of State: Automatic Voter Registration Allowed Non-Citizens to Vote in 2018

[7] ICE says Cook county released over 1000 illegals with criminal records last year after refusing det

[8] Weed sales in Illinois top $3 million on day one of legalization

[9] Illinois is 11th state to legalize recreational marijuana


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