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[1] NJ signing everyone up for vaccine tracking system (for now)

[2] Jazz Standard, One Of New York's Top Clubs, Closes Due To Pandemic

[3] New York Pub Has Declared Itself ‘Autonomous Zone’ In Defiance Of Cuomos Lockdown

[4] "It's Really Bad" - Almost One-Third Of Small Businesses In NY, NJ Have Closed

[5] The Nation Magazine Publishes Hilariously Brutal Takedown of Andrew Cuomo

[6] Cuomo Arrived Secretly in Buffalo on Thanksgiving to Celebrate with Girlfriend

[7] Unlicensed Immigrant Avoids Felony Charge In Fatal DUI Crash In New York

[8] BREAKING: Dead People Caught Voting in Razor-Thin NY election

[9] N.J.’s largest city begins 10-day ‘shelter in place’ request as coronavirus cases surge


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