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[1] The California board is no longer being moderated and the ping list is no longer being maintained

[2] Welcome to the home of the TBR California State Chapter

[3] L.A. County’s new stay-home order is the strictest in California. Here’s how it works

[4] Los Angeles County Banned Outdoor Dining. There's Zero Evidence It Spreads COVID-19.

[5] Two More California Officials Caught Breaking Their Own COVID Rules

[6] California: ISIS Jihadi Stabs Four in University Classroom, University Blames Toxic Masculinity

[7] What a Strengthening La Niña Tells Us About SoCal's Winter Weather Outlook

[8] Los Angeles County Officials Announce Three Week Stay-at-Home Order

[9] Update: Two Dead, Others Seriously Injured In Stabbing At San Jose’s Grace Baptist Church


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